Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Get a Reflexology Treatment

I wasn't sure if I was going to count this or not, but in the end, I decided to. Technically what I received was not a reflexology treatment, but since all of the "reflexology" places in town are the same concept, I feel like it qualifies to fulfill this goal. And I did get my feet rubbed. And it felt damn good.

Goals Accomplished: 14
Days Remaining: 892

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Prep 20 Instructor Files

I really wasn't expecting to already be done with this goal. It seem like I'm averaging almost three files per month now, and that average is definitely going to increase after November. Especially since I have 10 files to prep over the course of the next two months. Maybe I'll get a break in January...

Goals Accomplished: 13
Days Remaining: 894

Earn Sephora VIB Rouge Status

I love makeup, and I love Sephora. I'm pretty much obsessed with the place. I know it's silly, but I guess it's my one true vice. And there are much worse.

I've been a member of their VIB loyalty program for a few years now, and one day I saw they have a higher tier than where I was. Naturally, I wanted to be on that level. It's completely irrational. I recognize this. But I wanted it anyway. So I spent a bazillion dollars at Sephora this year, and now I have VIB Rouge status through December 2015. If it never happens again, that's ok, but at least I have it for this one year.

Goals Accomplished: 12
Days Remaining: 894